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About Diabetes

What Is Diabetes?
What Is Diabetes? (Booklet)
Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes: Know the Signs
Diabetes Risk (Adults, U.S.)
Diabetes Risk (Children)
Diabetes Risk (Teens)
The Mysterious Symptoms
   (Type 2 Comic)
Got Sugar? (Type 2 Comic)
The Metabolic Syndrome

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes
Coloring Book for Boys
Coloring Book for Girls
Blinkey Goes To School
My New Shadow
   (Teen Comic)

Healthy Eating

The Glycemic Index
The Plant-Foods Plate
Measure Your Foods
Who Needs Milk?
Know Your Proteins
Know Your Fats
Know Your Carbs
Herbs and More
Alcohol and Diabetes
Carbohydrate and
   Blood Sugar Control
Your Healthy Eating Pyramid
The Nutrition Facts Label
Portion Sizes
What Can I Eat?
Eat This, Not That
Calories In / Calories Out
Healthy Cooking Tips
Good Fats, Bad Fats
Hidden Fats & Diabetes
About Milk
About Fiber
About Whole Grains
Hidden Sugars & Diabetes English or Spanish  
Hidden Salts & Diabetes
Charlie the Carb (Comic)
My Plate Planner
   (N.Y. Dept. of Health)
The Plate Method of Eating
Kids Plate Planner
   (N.Y. Dept. of Health)
Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Saving Money

Saving Money on Medicine
Diabetes Supplies


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Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Goals
What's My A1C?
What's My eAG?
Low Blood Sugar
High Blood Sugar
Understanding Blood Sugar
Blood Sugar Meters
Blood Sugar Diary

Be Active!

Walking Works
Let's Get Moving
My Weekly Exercise Plan
Leg Exercises & Diabetes
Exercise and Diabetes (Booklet)

Caring for Diabetes

Diabetes Care Schedule
My Diabetes Care Reminder
MY Goal This Month
Your Diabetes Care Team


This program by cartoonist Steve Yurko is designed to help you relax. Steve's cartoons offer a funny and sometimes off-beat look at some of the many things you can do to cope with the stress of living with diabetes.


Reading a Syringe
Medicines You Inject - Actions
Diabetes Pills - Actions
Your Diabetes Pills
What is Insulin?
Why Do I Need Insulin?
Taking Insulin
How to Draw and Inject Insulin
   (Becton Dickinson & Company)
Preparing Single Dose Insulin
Preparing Mixed Dose Insulin
Types Of Insulin

Preventing Problems

Driving with Diabetes
Pregnant with Diabetes
What About My Baby?
When to Call the Doctor
Protect Your Kidneys
Stop Diabetes Before It Starts
Losing Weight With Diabetes
High Blood Pressure & Diabetes
Smoking with Diabetes
Sick Days with Diabetes
Cholesterol & Diabetes
Diabetes and Depression
Diabetes and Your Eyes
Diabetes and Your Teeth
Diabetes and Your Heart
Diabetes and Stress
Diabetes and Your Waist
Diabetes and Your Waist
   (For African Americans)
Tips for Good Foot Care
Diabetes and Your Feet (Booklet)



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